Steelwire, netting, aluminium foil

Inspired by the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall, every year the LUMC invites an artist for the high hall. Pielage was triggered by the architecture of the building: silver mesh stairs are floating in the air, while light shines along all sides. It is an aesthetical installation. I can imagine that people like to look at this: an integrated environment work. Curator Sandrine van Noort: "In the corridors and against the artist's wishes the installation is called Stairways to heaven. Unconsciously cynical or just black humor? On the top floor, where the stairs end, is the ICU. (Text: Anna Schoning in Mr. Motley)

AndrĂ© Pielage  |  Singel 116, 3112 GT Schiedam  |  06 - 13 95 80 75

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