Out Loud (detail) (2019)

Out Loud

I had often noticed the large numbers of laughing gas cartridges on the street before I was invited to create a sculpture within the theme of Recycling or Cyclical Thinking. It was a good opportunity to use the small shiny capules in a work of art. Fortunately, I met Eric, a fellow citizen for whom collecting empty patterns on the street had become an obsessive activity over the years. I was able to gratefully use the stock he picked up.

The work I made is very simple in its form and is reminiscent of columns with classical decorations, fitting in the decor of the monumental Haarlem Dreef. The title of his work refers to LOL (Laughing Out Loud). There is not much to laugh about using laughing gas, and the fun is very limited. You go out, for a moment, short and intense. And with frequent use you can endure permanent and serious damage.

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