In sculpture park De Anningahof a small rectangular surface is formed with glass balls, planted in a strict grid. A second layer is stacked between each four globes. The glass reflects strongly in the sunlight. By its dimensions and the placement in the green the work associates with more

A small tumble-down chapel in a former military base in Arnhem is nowadays used as an exhibition space. The Arnhem based art initiative Code Rood organizes monthly one day shows on the site.
In the previous week I provided the ceiling with a vault, knitted with PVC tubes and corrugated more

In 2015 The sculpture park Anningahof was forced to cede a prominent part of its ground to the benifit of the new N340, an expressway leading from the motorway A28 to the towns of Dalfsen, Ommen and Hardenberg.
The project has far-reaching implications for the design of the sculpture more

In times that fortresses in the Netherlands were still operational, the houses in the first ring outside the fort were made of wood. If any war situation would arise, these houses could soon be demolished or burned down, so that the defenders had an overview of the surrounding area. more

An art route along Utrecht's medieval wharves and its canalhouse cellars. In this show I expressed my desire to lay, freely from the ground, with a minimum of material addition.
During the six-days show I layed on a narrow tie rod, more than two meters from the ground, just below the ceiling.

Andre Pielage realizes complex spatial interventions with minimal and simple means. With materials like aluminum foil, handkerchiefs or cherrypickers he creates three-dimensional installations. In all his work the landscape or exhibition space is undergoing a transformation on which more

At the first instance it will look as if intensive constructions work are going on at the head of Java island during SAIL.Thirty boom lifts are positioned in a way that they form a representation of the rafters of a ship; 80 metres long, 15 metres high and 25 metres wide. 'Boom Lift more

Pielage is creating one of his apparantly weightless spaces in the area of the Oude Warande where the paths form a circle. By using white paint to accentuate all of the dead branches at a particular height in a section of pine trees, he crates a haze, a floating space consisting only more


Inspired by the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall, every year the LUMC invites an artist for the high hall. Pielage was triggered by the architecture of the building: silver mesh stairs are floating in the air, while light shines along all sides. It is an aesthetical installation. I can more

The beauty of the beech is the horizontal nature of the foliage. Shelves made of leaves as cumulus clouds. Above the stream two slender beech from both sides meet.
This forms the basis of the work Leaves 2010 Andre Pielage. Pielage feeds human desire by his art, but explicitly not more

Solvents were poured over large volumes of styrofoam.The result (here shown in the Amsterdam Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunst), associates with philosopher stones, or stalactites and stalagmites in caves.

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